Chaos;Child -Children’s Revive- Chapter 5


Chapter 5: Minamisawa Senri

Dear Takuru,

How are you?

This will be my first letter of the year once the New Year passes. I wonder if things will remain the same?

Thank you for your reply.

I never would have realized it had you not pointed it out. Could it be that I have been apologizing to you in all my letters? If it had been a phone message, I could have read back everything that I have written. However, since I have already written so many, I cannot clearly recall what it was I have written. But, since you are the one with the letters on hand, surely that must be so.

I can’t really find the words to use, but that was a great shock to me.

It is certain that I feel indebted to you. Unlike you who shouldered everything, there was nothing I could do; as a sister, a friend, or a woman. Even though I was supposed to be the one closest to you. But, you were the one who taught me that we cannot come to a halt even in the face of the truth, and to follow through with our convictions till the very end. Even now, you are leading through example with your actions. That is why I must do the same.

Thinking back on these few months since you went away in October, so many more things have happened in this short period in comparison to the long time we spent in rehabilitation at the hospital. And that does not just apply to me, but most likely for everyone too.

Yuuto, Uki and I have accepted Ms. Komori as part of our family now. Kazuki has set up her own committee together with Hatsuyama and Nitani. Arimura has gotten over her own quandary through the incident with Ishiwata. Also, you might have already heard about this, but Kunosato seemed to have returned to America for now.

In the eyes of others, all these happenings may appear to be just trivial matters. However, that is not so to us. This everyday life which you have prevailed and won for us is definitely anything but trifle. …Well, I can’t really speak for Kunosato. But, I thought, aren’t there some aspects of her that are similar to us? There was an incident which made me feel that way, but I shall not write it down.

Our daily lives have broadened, and are in a constant state of flux.

And it shouldn’t be any other way. Isn’t that right?

Do you mind if I write about something peculiar?

On the night of New Year’s Eve, we went out with everybody to the Meiji Shrine for the first shrine visit of the New Year. As there was an incredible crowd, we held hands so as not to get separated from each other, but I seemingly dropped my cell phone without realizing.

The one who picked it up and returned it to me was a girl of the same age who also came for a shrine visit with her friends. They seemed to have noticed my phone falling out, and she went out of her way to push through the crowd to return it to me. Luckily, my phone did not break but only had a few scratches. However, I noticed there was some blood on it. From what the girl said, they were from when her friend picked it up and got injured. I wanted to properly thank the girl who picked it up for me, but we just bade farewell in the end without meeting her…

I wonder why. At that time, I was suddenly reminded of that girl.

Could it have been her?

There was no way to know, but that girl must be living out an ordinary, everyday life just like we do. I just have a strong feeling so.

Surely, this must be how we spend our lives.

Thanks to you, our beloved.

I will not say sorry.

Instead, thank you.

I will be writing to you again.

Finally, I wish you a Happy New Year.

May we have a great one again this year.

Yours sincerely,

Minamisawa Senri.

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