Love is Dark


Author: Juumonji Ao
Illustrator: BUNBUN


Takarai Sosei wanted to be like a normal high school student you could find anywhere.

As he balances a double life working a “job” he doesn’t wish for in secret while attending school, the top beauty in his class, Shiramori Asumi, somehow confesses to him and they began dating.

Sosei was over the moon, but due to his “job”, he couldn’t even go out on dates with her after school and during the weekends.

One day, at his “workplace”, he came across an eccentric classmate of his, Hitsujimoto Kuchina.

In actuality, Sosei worked as an assassin. Why would Kuchina appear here…

The intertwining love is both bitter and sweet, and so heart-wrenching. The “normal” they seek is so close yet so far.

He gains life while depriving others of it, and she erases life just by touching. This is their slightly dark romcom.

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