A Brave Heart of Red Rose


Author: Jumonji Ao
Illustrator: BUNBUN


The capital city of the Sunland Unreign Kingdom, Elden.
This the story of the beautiful protagonist Maria and his lovable friends as they live on the streets built atop an Underground world filled Freaks sealed by a legendary king.
Witness the momentous start of a neo fantasy!

Volume I – Farewell, the Witch Queen

In the Underground where Freaks roam, sealed by a ‘lid’ formed from the Legasius No In, the bones of a gargantuan dragon, a party dives in irregardless of the perils in search of treasure. Clan ZOO.
The beautiful and unreliable Mariarose is fully prepared today too as he leads the way in order to get the treasure!? …Or so it was supposed to go!!
Having been separated, and encountering unexpected enemies, what the party finds after overcoming several pinches was an invitation to the ‘lamentable dream’ of the Spectral Queen of Shivers!?
This is the grand beginning of the ultimate tale of the gentle ‘Cracker’, Maria, and his friends.

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