Girly Air Force


Author: Natsumi Kouji
Illustrator: Toosaki Asagi


With the appearance of the Zai, mysterious flying objects, human’s air forces were completely overwhelmed. The only weapon which could take them on were the Daughters, certain modified existing fighter aircrafts, and their piloting mechanism known as Animas. However—they were in the shape of a girl. Narutani Kei came to face with the deep crimson fighter aircraft, Gripen, and the Anima which pilots it. This is the start of the story between a boy who yearns for the sky and the girl who is the trump card of humanity.

Volume IV

Popular amongst the high maneuverability fighter fans, here comes the entry of the Su-47 Berkut! Berkut, who has flown to Japan for refuge, lost her memories and do not even know why she had flown there.
Nevertheless, she becomes the center of attention at the base due to her cheerfulness and hardworkingness. Gripen too gradually grows attached to her as she becomes like a big sister to her. However, at the same time, the intensity of the Zai’s attack grows harsh. An unknown model of a fighter also shows up, and the battle escalates to a scale never seen before!

Short Stories

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