Shinonome Yuuko Loves Short Stories Afterword


Before I even realized, four years had passed since I last published a book in Famitsu Bunko.

In this four years, I had moved out of Osaka, where I had lived most of my life, and came to live alone here in Tokyo.

Since there’s so many people in Tokyo, there’ll surely be many new encounters and I’m looking forward to them so excitedly! Or so I thought, but there was not a single new encounter in the three years,

There was a saying that Tokyo is a desert. *Withers*

So, if you were to ask what was I doing since moving to Tokyo, it’d be: go to Jonathan’s[1], work, go home, and sleep. Rinse and repeat. That was pretty much it.

Even in rain or wind, Jonathan’s it is.

I could probably say that I spent half of the year at Jonathan’s.

Occasionally, I’d go Denny’s[2] when I’m looking for a change, but then I’d feel like it just doesn’t feels right if it’s not Jonathan’s.

Well, who cares about all that anyway……

Naturally, it goes without saying that 99% of the manuscript for this was written in Jonathan’s.

And so, it would be wrong to say that that was completely unrelated. Probably.

With that, I’ve finally put out a book,

I give my deep thanks to the many people which made it possible for this book to be published from the bottom of my heart.

A special shout out to my in-charge, N-shi, for continuing to associate with me despite not producing anything these past few years.

But with your help, this book has turned out very well.

I did not have any new encounters in Tokyo, but thanks to the many people who have extended a helping hand to me, I did not feel alone.

Human beings are such creatures that can’t get by by themselves after all.

Morihashi Bingo

Illustrator’s Afterword

Thank you for reading thus far!

This is Nardack, the illustrator for this work.

Looks like I’ll be saying farewell for now to Shinonome and the rest whom I’ve spent the most of my time with since the start of the year.

To Morihashi-sensei and the editor, thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to work on such a wonderful series!

* Since it’s such a rare opportunity, I decided to have the girls wear yukatas ^^

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1. A chain of family restaurant.

2. Another chain of family restaurant.

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