I Will Always Be Waiting For You In These Skies Above Prologue

Prologue – The Night of Beginning

That day, I slipped out to take a walk in the night.

The starry sky I saw when we were playing with fireworks in the courtyard was so beautiful that I had to see it one more time no matter what. And thus, I covertly sneaked away from Grandma’s house. My heart was pounding madly when I made up my mind to leave the house, but the moment I did, I had never felt happier before than I did in my life.

I ran along the footpath between the rice fields, surrounded by an orchestra of frogs croaking, feeling as if I was floating through the air.

As I looked up at the night sky alone, it felt so wide but yet so close it seems I could touch it if I just stretched out my hand. I felt omnipotent, as if all the stars in the skies belonged to me and only me.

Because I was staring at the night sky endlessly without getting tired of it, I did not notice it.

That there was a strange figure standing in the rice field ahead.

I probably took around 10 seconds to figure out that the white ‘thing’ sticking out of the ground like a small mound was a squatting humanoid. It looked at its surroundings with great fluster before getting on its feet with much difficulty.

I wondered, how did I not notice such a large white figure until now.

With that suspicion, I was lost over whether to run away or to hide somewhere, but.


I recalled the teacher saying that we should help out those in front of us who appears to be in trouble, and spoke out to that humanoid figure.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

Thinking back, that must have been the first day my life truly began.

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