Chaos;Child -Children’s Revive- Interlude 3


Interlude: Minamisawa Senri The Fourth

Result-wise, I think our presentation during the closing ceremony was beneficial for the committee. Although, to be more accurate, it was more because of Arimura’s address than our presentation. It may have caused some people to get angry, but it has also given the committee some direction, and has at least given me more than a little strength. I’m sure Kazuki feels the same too.

I do not think all of the students share the same feelings as us. However, I believe they feel something close, or are taking actions that bespeak them. Well, that is also to say that we have received more requests for interviews and consultations, making work at the committee busier than ever before, be it for good or bad. The frequency of Kazuki’s grumbles has also skyrocketed, and I feel like she might just run off some day, so I’ll have to think of a remedy for that too.

Oh right, it seems like it did not work out between Arimura and Ishiwata, who I mentioned previously. And here I thought they suited each other pretty well… Truthfully speaking, I expected this outcome somewhere in my heart. As you can tell from her personality, she can be more adept at socializing and carrying herself than the average person, but she seems to be mulling over various things recently. However, that is not to say that she is being retrogressive. After all, when she came over for dinner last night, she even said something senseless like this with a refreshing smile, “I just rejected an advance from a handsome boy. Looks like my womanly ranking has gone up a rung.”

That reminds me, Arimura seems to be mistaken about something between me and Masuda. Just as his appearance suggests, you could say that Masuda is a jovial, or perhaps a well-connected person. Which was why I asked him over lunch about the thoughts and opinions of the average student with regards to the committee’s activities. That’s all there is to it, but maybe she already knew that and was just trying to tease me.

…Now, I have a major news to announce.

The date has been appointed.

On the 30th of December, Itou will be transferred to the medical reformatory for youths.

We always knew he would be transferred, but they have finally contacted us today as a concerned party.

I am deeply sorry. We testified to the police as best as we could, but were still unable to overrule the verdict. I heard that Itou himself also accepted the ruling already. Although we could not bear to do nothing, we were incapable of repealing it nonetheless.

I am so sorry. I know that compared to me, you must be hurting so much more. However, I thought that this is something you should know no matter what.

Please do not blame yourself.

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