Chaos;Child -Children’s Revive- Interlude 2


Interlude: Minamisawa Senri The Third

Eventually, we settled on the name, ‘Student’s Autonomy Committee’.

As for the school administration, they basically seemed welcome that us students had made the initiative to tackle the issue proactively. Many parents and guardians had also enquired about the committee with interest, and some of the hastier ones had even proposed what kind of activities to take on. Kazuki appears to be a bit overwhelmed at the enthusiastic responses. On the first day itself, she already said, “I feel like giving up,” which earned her a slap on the back from me. Though, I must say, it has really gotten very busy all of a sudden.

That reminds me, there is something I have to apologize for regarding the establishment of this new committee.

When we raised the proposal to the school, one of the teachers who objected to the founding of the committee brought up the Newspaper club. He mentioned, “If both the head and deputy head are formerly from the Newspaper club, how do you ensure that a repeat of the Newspaper club does not occur?” With that, the favorable mood we have garnered was overturned instantly. After all, in this short period of time since school reopened, the school brass have become extremely sensitive to anything which may result in external repercussions.

I was left with no choice but to say this. That, “This is not a club led by Miyashiro Takuru!” I had to look them straight in the eye and assert this strongly.

I am truly sorry for saying that.

As for the activities of the committee itself, we are proceeding along steadily aside from Kazuki’s incessant whines. Arimura is also helping out to such an extent that I wonder if she actually does anything as the president of the Literary club. Kazuki’s two friends from the Tennis club which I mentioned before also stop by occasionally to give us a helping hand whenever they have a break.

Right, things have been interesting between Arimura and those two aforementioned friends. You know how Arimura always sat next to Kazuki unreservedly? When Kazuki kept chatting with those two so enjoyably with Arimura in between them, she couldn’t take it anymore and turned to talk to me. It’s not like I can’t understand what she’s feeling, but I’m sure Arimura also does not want the atmosphere between her and those two to get more awkward, so she’s appealing to me to do something.

But then, she suddenly blew her top one day and declared this, “Argh, that’s it! We’re holding the First Student’s Autonomy Committee’s Karaoke Grand Prix!” She grabbed the unwilling Kazuki and me (since our wallet’s tight) and locked all of us members in the karaoke box. “I will not allow you to go home until each of you sing ten tracks!”, she said.

I had no choice but to accompany her since I know she was trying to break the ice between the two girls and herself. But, five of us meant fifty songs in total. As a result, it was already 5.30pm by the time we finished. Money-wise, I wanted to cry, but since it was fun, I guess that’s that. Even Kazuki, who was unwilling at first, sang so unexpectedly well despite her soft voice that it really left an impression on me.

Now that I think about it, we haven’t gone together before, right? What kind of songs do you sing? The only ones I know are all oldies. Even when it was my turn to sing, the four of them tried to sing along to the newer ones at first, but they gave up halfway through.

I’m no expert in this field, however, Arimura started to criticize the lyrics of the latest songs as being shallow when Kazuki’s friends came to their defence, and it turned into a squabble. Luckily, that seems to have been for the best as the four of them started talking to each other from the next day onwards.

Ah, there was also something that happened to me, or how should I say it…

Today, a boy in my class confessed to me.

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