Chaos;Child -Children’s Revive- Interlude 1


Interlude: Minamisawa Senri The Second

As it turned out, it rained around the evening, but luckily, we had already gone around all of the exhibits of interest. In fact, I had also never been there before. Have you gone there before? A word of advice if you plan on visiting it, you should go right after the zoo opens or during their feeding time if you wish to see the pandas, as the only thing I saw was them sleeping. They just would not turn to face us even once.

In the end, what was most memorable about the place was the rabbits which we were allowed to touch. I thought I already knew, but they were really cute! Recently, Uki and Yuuto even kept coming to me one after another asking if we could keep one. Just yesterday, the two of them even got mechanical pencils with a bunny at the tip and kept waving them at me. They are totally declaring war at me, aren’t they. I want to say ‘bring it on!’, but to tell you the truth, I’m not confident if I can win this match.

There is one piece of great news.

Lately, Yuuto has not suffered from any episodes at all. There’s no telling whether or not he has completely recovered except with time, but he seems really cheerful of late. I’m sure this is definitely a good sign for him.

Apparently, it has something to do with Uki, but they just wouldn’t tell me. And even after I said no hiding things between family too. Well, it’s not like I can’t imagine what it was though.

Looking at the two of them, I can’t help but be reminded of the time when you came to us.

Perhaps, it’s because of seeing Uki try her best as a big sister. It reminded me of the time when I was taking care of you while you were still unconscious. I still remember the anxiousness I felt when I first clipped your nails. I was so worried about whether it was painful for you, or if I was hurting you. I stressed to myself that I was the big sister and the eldest of our siblings in order to drive away the feelings of doubt. I told myself surely my feelings would get through to you somehow, but there’s no question that a part of why I did that was to cover up my true self.

I’m sorry. I made use of you.

Uki is doing fine. Compared to me, she would make a much more better big sister.

Ah, since we are on this topic, I might as well make it clear. We always avoided mentioning this whenever we talked about those times, but I’m sorry to inform you that the one managing your excretions was yours truly. I understand your feelings as a boy of your age, but pardon me for having to say it anyway. I seek your understanding for this matter.

Regarding Ms. Komori whom I mentioned earlier, I’ll spare the details, but you need not worry. We can trust her. She may be a bit of a sore loser and quick to pick a fight, but she is a splendid caretaker. I’m sure she will protect Uki and Yuuto just fine.

About the stuff at home, we have returned to using a roster for the cleaning of the house and laundry which we had left to Ms. Komori previously. It’s true that Ms. Komori is the only adult around, but we would all feel bad if we just left everything to her. Our meals are still being prepared by me mostly. Ms. Komori is still practicing how to cook with Uki as her rival, but it looks like they need some more time to catch up. According to them, the standard for preparing food in our household is incomparably high, but at least for Ms. Komori, I just can’t take my eyes off her in the kitchen. I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around how she can cut her hands when preparing a boiled egg. Wouldn’t you agree?

Oh yeah, about the kotatsu. In the end, it wasn’t Arimura or Kazuki, but Ms. Komori who bought some legless chairs. As I expected, everyone got so comfortable in the kotatsu that they all refused to leave. At this rate, we are never going to be able to put it away even when spring comes, but I’m already sick of repeating myself.

It seems that the cold weather will persist for some time more. I pray that you do not catch a cold.

I will be writing to you again.

Yours sincerely,

Minamisawa Senri.

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