Two short new teasers

I have two new teasers (one old one actually). The first is the prologue of Girly Air Force Volume IV. I really enjoyed the anime and hoped to see more of the story. You can find that here. The next one I already put it up at the series page a while back. The title … Continue reading Two short new teasers

Teaser for my new project

Hey, so I've finally finished chapter 1 of the new project. There's still a long way to go so I decided to post a little teaser. I've removed the names so that you can look forward to reading it when the whole volume comes out. Can you guess what it is? Dear ______, Thank you … Continue reading Teaser for my new project

Shinonome Yuuko Loves Short Stories Chapter 9 + Epilogue

Here's to finishing up the volume of an old series. I translated this purely to complete the volume since it was half-done for a few years back. That and the art looks nice. You can find chapter 9 and the epilogue here and here respectively. C.E. Light Novel Translation have done from the prologue to … Continue reading Shinonome Yuuko Loves Short Stories Chapter 9 + Epilogue

BEATLESS epilogue – “boy meets girl”

Here's the epilogue to BEATLESS. Where's everything before that, you ask? Probably will never be translated except for the first few bits translated by tokyootakumode. You can probably google it if you want to read that. Personally, I liked the BEATLESS anime. If it wasn't for the production issues, it would've probably been more well … Continue reading BEATLESS epilogue – “boy meets girl”