Full Dive Volume 3 Chapter 1

Long time no see. It’s almost a miracle that I’m able to release a chapter like this. Goes to show that where there’s a will there’s way. First off, let’s get the release out of the way. I present to you Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! volume 3 chapter 1. The anime completely adapts volumes 1 and 2 so you can continue the story here straight away.

I decided to translate this series because of how much I enjoyed the anime last season. I didn’t particularly liked it at the start, but it grew on me and unexpectedly became one of my favorite series of the season. The last scene made me want to read on more just like the rest of you and that’s how we ended up here. I do really enjoy a flawed protagonist like Hiro and how he suffers for his bad decisions. However, it also touches me to watch him grow and get rewarded for his actions. I look forward to reading more on how he screw up next and suffer.

If you were why I stopped translating, it’s just the lame ol’ reason of life. Too busy and tired to translate (excuses). It’s just not worth the effort. But when something happens to interest me enough , I might just get off my lazy ass. I hope to be able to continue translate this series but I make no promise. After all, it’s on you for not learning the language and needing someone like me to give you an imperfect translation. So, I suggest you go the learn the language and be able to enjoy all your favorite series in their originality. And as always, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think about the chapter.

4 thoughts on “Full Dive Volume 3 Chapter 1

  1. Thank you for the translation and I hope you find the motivation to continue translating this LN. I really appreciate it. I hope the light novel start getting a translation soon. I would like you to give me an advice regarding learning the Japanese languge. Once again thanks for your hard work.


  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Motivation comes on-and-off. Hopefully, I’ll manage to find it and finish the volume before the year but I make no promise.

    As for learning Japanese, you need to start first by memorizing the kana. Just download some app from anywhere and slowly memorize them everyday. Then you can move on to learning the grammar using some some online guide (there’s many, you can also try the learnjapanese reddit) or using a textbook. As for Kanji, same as before use some app and go through a bunch everyday. I think the key to learning any language is exposure so just do it consistently. You should be able to read most LNs with N3 level of vocab and the help of a dictionary for unknown words. Then just keep reading more and more to get better, there’s no greater motivation.


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