4 thoughts on “Rebellio Machina Prologue + Chapter 1

  1. The thing is most people (not all but the majority) are not interested in teasers and teasers and more teasers.
    I know it’s a good idea to catch the interest for other groups into taking those novels.

    But most people probably expects some full projects also.

    Yeah, there is the C;C novel, a really nice and cool addition, but requires having played the original game (which is really long by the way).

    I do visit this page every week, but honestly expecting a full project.

    But yes, you should do what is more comfortable for you and at your own pace.

    Of course, thanks for all the hard work you’ve done so far.

    I’ll keep visiting this page every week 😉


  2. Thank you for reading too. Of course, I wish I could translate all these interesting series myself, but I just don’t have the time. Instead, I hope to bring to the community some series which I thought was interesting. There’s just so many new series coming out every day that I hope would see the light of the world. Also, I don’t want to promise something which I cannot deliver which is why they remain as teasers.
    In fact, rather than other translators, I’m trying to catch the interest of the readers themselves, since I do not think there are many good translators out there anyway (not that I’m much better). To get the best experience, I would recommend for all to go learn the language themselves.
    I won’t be doing any full projects for the foreseeable future though, but I hope you will enjoy whatever teaser comes next.


  3. If you just searched the Japanese title or visit the series page at the dengeki bunko website, there is a link for trial reading up to chapter 3. If you want the entire volume, you’ll have to buy the book yourself. You can also create an account at bookwalker where they have a feature that allows you to read the entire text for most titles they have albeit for only 10 minutes everyday.


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