A Brave Heart of Red Rose Volume I Chapter 1

Here’s a new teaser, A Brave Heart of Red Rose, or Bara no Maria.

I became interested in this because it is by the author of Grimgar and that the illustration is by BUNBUN who is one of my favorite illustrators. As you can tell, his art has really improved from back then.

The story is pretty decent so far, but I think the better aspect of this series is the character dynamics. The world-building is also really huge and chuuni, making this one of the hardest thing for me to translate so far. I sure hope one of the publishers license this so that you can read this expansive story too. To get an idea of what the story is about, read the tag-line of the title

Find the chapter here.

Also, I did this after completing chapter 3 of my project. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish translating it by next week, after which it’ll be in editing hell.

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